An Asbury Park NJ couple was stopped for a routine traffic violation but things escalated from there.  Police claim that an ensuing search of the driver, passenger and vehicle, yielded discovery of 40 bricks of heroine.  A subsequent search of the apartment of the suspects resulted in seizure of another 60 bricks of heroine, two kilos of cocaine, and $425,000 in cash.  Bail has been set at approximately $950,000 and $700,000 for the defendants.

In accordance with N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5, possession of in excess of five (5) ounces of cocaine is a First Degree Crime. The same holds true where someone possesses, with intent to distribute, more than this amount of heroine. These two suspects are obviously well over the threshold for a First Degree Offense.  The jail exposure would be, at a minimum, ten (10) years and the Brimage guidelines automatically apply given the First Degree charges.  This means that parole ineligibility and extended term provisions shall also apply in these cocaine and heroine cases.

As I read the newspaper articles, the circumstances of the searches appear, however, somewhat cryptic. This usually means that the underlying facts are tenuous.  Experienced NJ Cocaine Distribution Attorneys are going to be a necessity if these defendants are going to have any chance of mitigating these charges