The Star Ledger recently reported that NJ bears the accolade of having some of the purest heroin in the nation. The reason for the potency of the heroin relates to the ease to which heroin is smuggled into the state. Our various seaports and Newark International Airport apparently make for an enticing entry point for heroin. Insofar as the drug enters the country here, it is less apt to be cut thereby correlating into heroin that is, on average, 72% pure.

The frequency of Heroin Possession and Intent to Distribute charges seems to rise continuously at our criminal defense firm. This should probably be no surprise given the fact that the DEA reports that use of heroin is double the national average in New Jersey among young adults. We witness all walks of life being arrested for heroin offenses. This is a powerful and high addictive opiate for anyone who makes the decision to ingest it more than once. Thankfully, we can assist many defendants who have been charged with heroin related crimes before they reach the point of no return.