Fox News recently released a report that indicated that the largest heroin bust in New Jersey history took place in the last few weeks. The quantity of heroin – 165 pounds. By way of comparison, a total of 300 pounds was seized statewide in NJ during the entire calender year of 2008. The report reinforces the fact that the supply of heroin in New Jersey continues to grow as manifested by this record possession.

Fortunately or unfortunately, our criminal defense firm has occasion to defend more and more individuals on heroin charges. The pain and misfortune that individuals can experience as a result of involvement with this drug is inescapable. It seems that the wreckage of heroin is virtually endless. All that one has to do is walk into any County Drug Court and recognize that individuals often accrue years of criminal arrests for heroin possession after they become hooked on the drug. The sad point is that while we  succeed in keeping most of these individuals out of jail (even in heroin distribution cases), the number of people who find themselves charged with a heroin offense continues to grow.