We have been representing underage drinkers, mostly Monmouth University and Rutgers students, in New Brunswick, Ocean Township, West Long Branch, and Deal Municipal Courts for many years now. The associated charges usually involve underage drinking and, in some instances, providing alcohol to individuals under the legal drinking age. The typical scenario for police involvement is a noise complaint, someone acting disorderly, or simply some one giving the police a tip. We routinely witness instances like these in areas surrounding Monmouth University and Rutgers, and a story about such a drinking encounter was even recently published in the Asbury Park Press. The related arrests give rise to not only criminal charges but college disciplinary action.

We witness the horror of parents first hand when they realize that their child is facing a criminal charge after investing upwards of 40K for their college.  Thankfully, we are successful in almost all situations in having the charges downgraded to a non-criminal charge, often a municipal violation. This outcome allows the student to avoid a criminal record, something crucially important to their future.