As the managing partner of a criminal defense law firm that handles quite a bit of prescription drug offenses, I have my suspicions concerning the death of Michael Jackson. Indeed, as his story unfolds, it appears that he may be no different than the electrician who overdosed on prescription opiates after suffering a catastrophic work injury or the firefighter who OD’d on oxycontin. The tragic stories go on and on, and the man in the mirror may have fallen like so many. The question which parents, employers, and others often express to me is – how can individuals obtain so much medication?  

There is no clear answer to this question.  We often find “doctor shopping” in order to obtain medication. There are also those instances where individuals with legitimate conditions seek excessive medication and then sell the excess. Another common scenario is a situation where a physician is simply writing scripts excessively or is otherwise acting unreasonably. This appears to be the explanation given by commentators in the Michael Jackson investigation and my experience as a NJ Prescription Drug Charge Defense Lawyer tells me that Mr. Jackson’s physician may be looking at some criminal problems down the road. I would also not be surprised if physicians find themselves responding to the same types of civil claims that confront the New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers in our state.

Is this going to be another Anna Nicole saga?  I have my prediction but I will keep it to myself.  Irrespective, I would definitely consult an attorney if I was Michael’s physician.