It might be hard to believe but thousands upon thousands of our tax dollars were recently expended in an attempt to convict an Emergency Management Official for “stealing” $7 in gas.  The official had borrowed the vehicle of a County co-worker when his work vehicle broke down.  He replenished $7 worth of gas in the co-worker’s vehicle using the County gas pump as he believed it was appropriate insofar as he utilized the gentleman’s vehicle for County business.  The County took issue with this claim and also felt that this conduct was improper irrespective of its factual accuracy.

Coincidentally, the suspect also had an unrelated run-in months earlier with a high-ranking County official. Had the suspect been convicted, he would have been required to forfeit any ability to obtain public employment.  It is unclear as to whether the suspect shall be able to keep his State pension.
The aforesaid charge will be dismissed by virtue of Pretrial Intervention (“PTI”). This program allows individuals to avoid a criminal conviction through admission into this diversion program, commonly referred to as PTI.  Provided the County worker completes one (1) year in the program, which basically involves probation, his charge will be dismissed. 

The PTI program is very effective in NJ.  Our NJ Pretrial Intervention Lawyers represent many individuals every year on successful applications for admission to Pretrial Intervention.  This program is a success from everyone’s perspective when an individual receives an order of dismissal upon successful completion.