The Robbery Law is contained at N.J.S.A. 2C:15-1. It defines robbery as a theft, during the commission of which, a person: (1) either inflicts bodily injury or uses force; or (2) threatens to cause immediate bodily injury or a first or second degree crime. For purposes of 2C:15-1, “commission” includes attempt to commit a theft or flight therefrom.

Where an individual uses a weapon (including threats), or attempts or inflicts serious bodily injury, a Robbery is a First Degree offense. Robbery is otherwise a Second Degree offense.

Punishment & Penalties. A second degree robbery is punishable in New Jersey by a period of imprisonment of 5-10 years in jail. A first degree robbery involves jail exposure of 10-20 years in jail. The No Early Release Act (NERA) also applies in either case. NERA mandates that an individual serve 85% of his prison term before he is eligible for parole.