Reports and surveys in New Jersey have continually revealed a high incident of alcohol and drug use by high school students. In fact, a survey conducted by the Freehold Regional School District indicated that as much as 50% of high school juniors used these substances. Similar data has been generated by other districts including Hunterdon Central Regional. It also appears that a significant source of concern involves illegal use of prescription drugs.

In response to this information, numerous high schools in the state have put in place or are in the process of putting in place, random drug test protocols for students. Districts have also endorsed policies to screen students for alcohol use, especially at events like proms.

Parents and students can anticipate a rise in the volume of juvenile charges filed throughout the state.  In this regard, police will undoubtedly become involved in some situations where students have positive test results for narcotics and other illegal drugs. This shall also give rise to a litany of legal issues and/or possible defenses.