A story in the Asbury Park Press and Coast Star reported that a Manasquan man was arrested for burglary. The victim of the crime — the First Baptist Church.  Say it ain’t so!!!

Burglary is a common criminal offense in New Jersey.  It occurs whenever someone enters a dwelling or structure for purposes of committing some sort of crime.  The typically break-in is to perpetuate a theft.  In this instance, the defendant broke into a church to steal money and a computer.  The individual was obviously not of the best intelligence and, when interrogated for a subsequent incident, voluntarily confessed to the burglary as if the police already knew.  The defendant will be facing a Third Degree Burglary Offense in Monmouth County and is now exposed to up to five (5) years in jail.  I would suspect that little consideration shall be afforded this individual irrespective of the Judge presiding over the case at Monmouth County Superior Court, Freehold, NJ.

Although we have occasion to represent many individuals each year in New Jersey who find themselves charged with burglary, this one is deplorable.  I am as big an advocate as anyone when it comes to standing up for my clients but who robs a church?