As a 43 year male, Heather Locklear has always been one of my favorites.  It is also relatively intriguing that she has a thing for Jersey boys.  But enough with the kidding.  She has obviously had some difficulty lately and she probably is no different than many of our clients when it comes to drugs and/or alcohol. Her September arrest for DUI is apparently based on “intoxication” from prescription medication of some kind as no alcohol or illegal narcotics were in her blood at the time of the arrest.

In NJ, some of the most defensible DWI cases are those involving drugs as opposed to alcohol.  The reason for this is the fact that while there are standard field sobriety tests and breath tests for alcohol, things are more specialized when it comes to drug DWI.  The police officers must have specialized training qualifying them as a Drug Recognition Expert or their testimony generally is inadmissible to establish a drug DWI in NJ.  I suspect that the same holds true in California but someone like Lawrence Taylor, a California DUI lawyer many view as the god father of DUI defense probably has a better idea of how things will go on this issue.  I wish her the best of luck although I venture that the defense of celebrities like her can get complicated given the media involvement.