The AP Wire reported on Thursday that Ryan Leaf’s efforts to build a coaching career have taken a turn for the worse.  He is alleged to have solicited pain medication from one of his players.  It is unclear exactly what medication was requested but it is apparent that it was a prescription drug.  Chief Bobby Griffin of the Canyon Police reports that Leaf is being accused of obtaining a controlled dangerous substance by fraudulent means.  Leaf subsequently resigned on Friday.

We happen to deal with illegal prescription cases exactly like Ryan’s everyday in our New Jersey criminal defense firm.  While it cost him his job, the honest truth is that this stuff effects all types of people everyday without such consequences.  They go in for oral surgery or some other treatment, are prescribed opiate based medication, and they are off and running.   We even have occasion to represent medical practitioners and pharmaceutical sales people on this type of case.  It is classic addiction with no involvement of violence or a victim in most cases  If Texas takes a similar approach, the case will probably resolve with limited impact on Mr. Leaf provided he hires the right attorney. While it may be a crime to acquire or carry pain medication without a prescription, a good defense lawyer can usually negotiate the situation.  Nonetheless, a Texas criminal defense lawyer like Jamie Spencer probably would have a better feel for what may happen in a Texas Court.