There appears to be a significant trend for counties to consolidate juvenile detention facilities.  I have heard many initiatives and rumblings in this regard, and now we know this effort is already in place.  The Star Ledger reported this week that Morris County Juvenile Detention Center is planned to be a regional juvenile detention facility.  Hunterdon County is already in the process of sending youth offenders to the facility and Warren County has the same plan. 

It seems to me that so long as the character of the Counties are similar, there should be no problem in consolidating the jails.  The situation is much different when you are talking about dramatically different demographics in terms of prisoners.  My experience is that it may not take as much to get placed in juvi in, for example, Ocean County, as compared to Essex County.  The consolidation of the detention facility in a situation like this might result in significantly harder offenders being detained in the same facility as much lower grade offenders.