Various New Jersey publications have been following the prosecution of a Jersey City women for a host of charges stemming from incidents involving her dogs.  The dogs are two pitbulls who have allegedly gotten loose, bitten individuals and menaced the neighborhood.  The dog owner most recently appeared in Court in late March and the progress of the case was outlined in the Star Ledger.  She was to return in early April with various documentation to substantiate that the dogs are not vicious. 

The import of the term “vicious” generally concerns the future care and well being of a dog rather than criminal culpability.  When a dog is deemed vicious in NJ, it is usually put down. An owner is subject to fines of up to $1,000 per day for a violation of the vicious dog act or any directive provided thereunder. The monetary exposure obviously has the potential to get crazy, particularly, when you consider that an attack is usually the triggering event for vicious dog proceedings in criminal court. Individuals like the women in this case often need to hire not only a criminal defense attorney but also NJ Dog Bite Attorneys to defend a personal injury claim.

We shall keep you advised of any new developments in this unusual Hudson County case.