The subject of extradition has seen recent attention in the last several weeks. A major portion of this publicity has come as a result of the Roman Polanski case. Mr. Polanski is in the process of being extradited to the United States. In another case, a UK hacker who apparently broke into United States military computers, has lost his fight and the extraditing process shall now be effectuated.

We receive calls and are consulted, over and over again, by individuals interested in Fighting Extradition to New Jersey. The honest truth is that avoiding extradition is extremely rare and objections often only serve to delay the inevitable. An Extradition Waiver can avoid this delay but that was not something which the UK Hacker was willing to adopt. The same appears to be the case with Mr. Polanski who is preparing to fight transport back to authorities in the United States. I am not optimistic that his fight shall have any success given my experience in NJ Extradition.