Kareem McKenzie, one of the bookends of the Giants offense line, got a DWI last week.  As a die hard Giants fan, I am sorry to learn of this problem.  Kareem was allegedly making an illegal u-turn by cutting through a gas station parking lot. The ensuing stop resulted in his being arrested for DWI.  He is alleged to have blown in excess of .08% on the Alcotest.

The stop may involve a probable cause issue.  My thought is that unless there is some prohibition against a turn at the station, an issue may exist as to whether the maneuver was actually illegal.  While N.J.S.A. 39:4-66.2 prohibits use of private property to avoid a traffic control device (e.g. sign or light), there may be wiggle room on the charge, for example, who is to say that Kareem was not using the property for some other purpose (e.g. directions, food, etc.). The point is that, in addition to the standard defenses that may apply here, Kareem may have a probable cause issue.  I wish him the best of luck.